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Never a dull moment

A happy and fun-filled old age

lady and flowersOur residents enjoy life at Cedar House. They eat well; they’re warm, comfortable, and well cared for. Above all, their minds are active. There really is never a dull moment.

We have a full-time activities coordinator who maintains a varied programme that fills all seven days of the week.

It’s not all about being social and on your feet. There are plenty of opportunities to be active and joyful, but just as much time to be quiet and reflective. There’s something for everyone from singing to baking to writing blogs and communicating with your family via the internet. If you like gardening and feel green-fingered, you can help with the show of colour in the gardens. You could even learn a new skill or two – painting or drumming, for example.

Lets paintThe starting point for all activities is you. We’ll talk to you before you move in to find out what you like doing. And we’ll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to do it.

Find out more about our activities.



Space to be yourself

If you prefer your own company, there’s no pressure to join in. There’s always at least one quiet room for tea and a chat or your own thoughts, and plenty of benches in the garden.

In your own room you can always shut the door on the world for complete peace and solitude.

Lots to do nearby

Cedar House makes a great base for a family day out. You can do anything from reliving the age of steam at the nearby Great Central Railway (just 200 yards away) to uncovering the mysteries of the universe at Leicester’s award-winning National Space Centre.

See our list of museums and family days out in Leicestershire.

Staff who love their work

The only way to see how bright, kind, and friendly we are is to meet us. The door to Cedar House is always open, and visitors are welcome at any time.

There are no secrets: you can talk to whoever you like. By chatting to us, you’ll see for yourself that our staff feel like they’re part of the community.

Something to live for

If there’s one aspect of life at Cedar House that tells you how inspiring it is, it’s the speed with which residents recover from illness. We have had residents return from hospital with a very poor prognosis, yet within a few days they’ve perked up way beyond their doctors’ expectations.

Residents recover fast because we believe in giving them something to live for. No one is marking time here; every resident lives life to the full. Why not come and see it for yourself.